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  1. Please tell me what you know...
  2. A question about *helping*
  3. more help needed...
  4. "Your mommy is going to..."
  5. How do I stop the screaming? and other issues with myself
  6. WTD about Time-Outs, saying "NO!" and dealing with emotions... what to do?
  7. How to deal with DH who believes in spanking?
  8. Playing with matches!
  9. I just need some support and encouragement :cry
  10. so frustrated and clueless! spitting!
  11. bedtime problem - suggestions please
  12. What do I do with these meltdowns?
  13. Jaden is GBD'ing the CAT!
  14. Sum up GBD in one sentence...?
  15. Reflecting Feelings
  16. Stop arguing w/me!!!!!!!! help!!!!
  17. a quote from a book on ministry that I'm reading
  18. Gobbletyblahblahpllllbtttt! (Am I the only one who's tongue-tied?)
  19. she's beating me to the five-step punch
  20. I'm just... or nothing...
  21. Help me firm up the bedtime routine
  22. since bedtime's a hot topic tonight...
  23. This is my worst mommy-time ever
  24. What do I do when... (BIG list of situations...)
  25. Great quote from my pastor
  26. DS VS The Street on our Block
  27. I'm not liking the mommy I am lately
  28. GBD with special needs kids?
  29. Can we talk about chores, please?
  30. Making amends?
  31. Has anybody read.....
  32. Is this a sign I'm doing something right?
  33. age approiate behaviors?
  34. Is there a step by step to gentle discipline somewhere.
  35. I'm really struggling with *how*
  36. Problems in social situations - is she just being manipulative?
  37. What happened to my innocent boy???
  38. How do you handle misbehavior if there is a known organic cause?
  39. Unconditional parenting
  40. constant power struggles
  41. I don't think this looks quite right
  42. "It's Not WORKING" What does this mean?
  43. Babbling about 3.5 to 5 yo's
  44. Ugh.
  45. Completing the paradigm shift
  46. GBD for a special ed preschool classroom
  47. Toy-taking
  48. "Making" Herself Throw Up
  49. First time she's done this! What do I do?
  50. Coloring on the walls and locking doors.
  51. Need advice on this one!
  52. Picking on the Baby, How do I not spank?
  53. Ideas for morning?
  54. Please walk me through these scenarios.
  55. Why Would He Even *Do* This?????
  56. Troubles with my oldest son and my behavior
  57. ok... what do I do?
  58. Teaching an almost 3 year old honesty
  59. That was a nice affirmation
  60. Woohoo! Spanking may become illegal in South Africa!
  61. very strong willed child
  62. Loosing my temper
  63. Have you seen the video series by John Ortberg?
  64. sniff my babies growing up
  65. LOL well she "obeyed"
  66. Help with my 2 oldest and potty problems!!!
  67. Helping out with family business
  68. Tantrums...help!
  69. Yelling Recover for August: brainstorming ways to help us stop yelling
  70. What to do about arguing/ "Don't want to"
  71. A question about whining...
  72. Why you need to *really* listen to your kids
  73. My compliment of the day
  74. End of Summer Bickering Marathon...any advice?!
  75. Food Throwing and Other Annoying Toddler Behaviors
  76. Unconditional Parenting or Easy to Love Difficult to Discipline
  77. Asking other parents to supervise their children
  78. OMGoodness...Listen to what just happened!!
  79. "You need to..."
  80. DH "got it"!
  81. Stop interrupting!
  82. Time sensitive question. . . .help?
  83. Quick! Help me convince DH there is a better way
  84. whining and chanting at the store by 23 month old
  85. She Knows It!-need help quick.
  86. Guess I'm part of the club now
  87. The Kinetic Child
  88. Stealing....Not the first time.
  89. bossy child
  90. Crawling & re-directing
  91. ds and his preschool teacher
  92. fake burping
  93. How to use GBD on an aggressive 5 year old?
  94. Arguing when you say yes..
  95. I Want to Thank All of You
  96. situational help
  97. 2 Year Old and 7mo old, HELP!
  98. different responses to "making it happen"... advice?
  99. Feel helpless and hopeless.
  100. Found a cool website
  101. Is this a "normal" response to hunger in nearly 5 y/o
  102. GBD Praise
  103. How do I stop them running away from me??!!!
  104. I am about to lose it with my 2 year old.
  105. Love and Logic books, videos
  106. Rewarding good behavior?
  107. Being an authoritive parent when you dont know how.
  108. Still throwing things and now she is biting
  109. comfort corner questions
  110. sharing and taking turns--what works for us
  111. CAn we talk about manners?
  112. teaching gentleness (spinoff from readingmama's thread)
  113. GD with the dog
  114. bedtime problems
  115. She hits them at our house..what do we do?
  116. Ds beginning to GBD himself
  117. Help me fix dd devo.!
  118. Strategies to deal with Squealing
  119. She apologised!!!! WITHOUT PROMPTING FROM ME!!!
  120. I'm sorry I didn't mean too
  121. 2 year old throwing things
  122. Taking a different approach w/C and his room.. WDYT?
  123. Slamming doors in people's faces and laughing
  124. 2.5 yo preoccupation w/passing gas
  125. Two spirited GBD kids fight....
  126. HELP! 5yo is very hostile
  127. spitting and throwing dirt
  128. They've joined forces against me!--just a small vent
  129. Oh my goodness! Help me with my almost 4 year old.
  130. Should I do something about this? If so, what?
  131. I need strategies, DS won't listen!
  132. Just plain mean to siblings.....
  133. Thank you Crystal
  134. "you hit, you sit" revisited and other questions
  135. So Ive decided to celebrate the fact that I have a spirited toddler
  136. in need of some general discipline ideas...
  137. Making it happen
  138. DS(3yo) GBD'ing DS(1yo)
  139. This morning I bent Dugan over my knee
  140. Okay, how do I deal w/this??
  141. Problems at 'school'.. :help
  142. Quite possibly the silliest GD question - ever!
  143. I worry if I am too permissive.
  144. Pottying needs as a young terror attack
  145. Spitting in anger
  146. He's shouting at me all the time...
  147. If you could ask Crystal any question you wanted to....
  148. helping spirited dd learn to keep her hands to herself
  149. I have a spitting problem too
  150. I think Crystal hypnotized Jaden!!!
  151. What to do about behavior when the phone rings?
  152. Chivalry
  153. My dh is finally getting it.....
  154. "But Spanking Works"
  155. Received a compliment....
  156. GBD and Sunday Service
  157. Whining
  158. Do you respond when...
  159. repetitive requests (whining?) are getting to me
  160. How to start GBD with an infant?
  161. Teaching/ Enforcing "shh" ?
  162. Stalling tactics at bedtime
  163. "he's not obeying you. why are you always fighting with him?"
  164. Stay in the house girls
  165. 22 m/o newphew bites other kids- SIL & MIL are requesting help
  166. Not hearing or not understanding? I'm not sure what the problem is..
  167. Is this sending the wrong message?
  168. He's still 3 - Magic Words? Help!
  169. Question about the 5 steps
  170. 5 y/o testosterone surge, right?
  171. Aggressive behavior
  172. I need consequences but am hitting a wall
  173. getting ds1 to help around the house
  174. Please Help
  175. Chore help, please...
  176. How to handle--DS is jealous of affection towards DH
  177. The perfect child
  178. need help for when I'm teaching dd at church
  179. "I bumped him down"
  180. Are there some things you just can not and should not "make" happen?
  181. Home-Preschool together with C. Help!!!!!!
  182. Time out/Comfort Corner...your gut reaction
  183. Can't GBD.
  184. What should I have done
  185. Inside Voices and Running in the House
  186. Repeated inappropriate behavior
  187. over stimulated ****Help!!!!! Update in late post
  188. Is this just reactionary or is it actually punitive?
  189. "You have 2 choices, Mom"
  190. some thoughts about punitive thinking
  191. Squirming on your lap
  192. Help me process this and did I do this right?
  193. He spit on my sister!
  194. Talk to me about low blood sugar and behavior...
  195. Never Mind
  196. She snaps at me before I even walk in the room
  197. A little harsh....more from the mouths of babes
  198. Do It Yourself Barber Shop
  199. Suggestions to get kids to clean up their toys?...
  200. When dc are sick....
  201. I need help...
  202. I'm afraid of connecting with him SENSITIVE
  203. really struggling today
  204. Go Mr. Rogers!!!!
  205. Support and encouragement please!
  206. script help needed for screaming
  207. Today's children's SS lesson (4&5 y/o)
  208. Bed time...
  209. Teaching your children about God
  210. Whinning/tantrums game plan help!!!
  211. Grieving and discipline issues in 2 yr old
  212. hitting and screaming..... I'M LOSING MY MIND!!!
  213. Okay I am struggling with consequences...
  214. What does he understand??
  215. A short essay I wrote on spanking
  216. Consequences and an infant
  217. either i *really* suck at reflecting feelings
  218. Throwing food
  219. A sweet article on parenting...
  220. Help. dh and I argued about punishment today. :(
  221. 11mo hitting
  222. how much do I need to play with him
  223. how much do you have to police siblings?
  224. Dh's harmful words, 4 yr old's scary emotions (and mine too)
  225. why oh why must he be so 2?
  226. WDYD when your child hits another child?
  227. How can I get P&E to be careful around my foot??????
  228. I need help with children's church
  229. I couldn't protect him from this...sensitive
  230. Tattling - How to deal with it with other people's children?
  231. I need help
  232. Need tools for my 6 yr old
  233. some personal scenarios, I would like more advice...
  234. help with 2yo shouting at mum and dad
  235. picking my battles--in what order?
  236. What do you do when child won't take a nap?
  237. Is there an appropiate conquence for this?
  238. What do I do now?
  239. Is this a healthy dynamic?
  240. Age appropriate behaviour guidelines?
  241. Noncompliance w/ my LE
  242. what to say when your child...
  243. Surrounded by people who don't get GD
  244. Crazy, as I do not Have Kids Yet, but
  245. I think I need to pull Kaitlyn out of her class...UPDATE: new spin-PLS HELP!
  246. Non-coersive vs too permissive.
  247. Sportsmanship
  248. Need help with this situation..thanks!
  249. 3yo using bad words.
  250. Was Jesus spanked?