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  1. GCM statement of parenting beliefs
  2. Car seat question/new car
  3. Can anyone recommend a nice wooden toy workbench?
  4. does AP make kids more empathetic?
  5. It was instinctive to do it..
  6. you guys will love this
  7. First Time Mother.
  8. Tandem Stroller faves
  9. Mommy-Inspiration
  10. There were 4 in the bed and now there are 2 in the bed
  11. Attachment Theory..?
  12. when they get along...
  13. Attachment Parenting & Natural Parenting
  14. what this forum is for
  15. Loving too much
  16. I found a really cool AP kids book!
  17. AP and other peoples kids
  18. Diaper Probs (not cloth)
  19. is being a mom enough?
  20. speaking my DD love language...
  21. child development
  22. Does your child (Is this normal?)
  23. swim time
  24. Babies need to cry. It's good for their lungs - RANT!!!!!!!
  25. constant touch
  26. Diaper Rash - Please, please help!
  27. like a kid in a candy store
  28. .. Memories, Like the Corners of My Mind and AP/GD perceptions
  29. teething!!
  30. HN toddler tantrums
  31. deffinetaly egg allergic
  32. lovies?
  33. sweet Walmart experience
  34. Routine help
  35. experience with bike trailers?
  36. HELP with naptime (or lack thereof...)
  37. How would you "mark" your stroller to find it easily?
  38. Does anyone have experience with The Happy Baby Food Grinder?
  39. Aaaah! How am I ever gonna do it??? Need advice from moms of 3+
  40. what do your kids call adults?
  41. deep talk about validating feelings with the 2 yr old!
  42. APing with lots of children
  43. how do you even begin to potty train?
  44. What goals?
  45. transitioning to toddler bed
  46. How do you deal with other people teaching your child theology?
  47. Crying Baby
  48. Grandma of twins
  49. When do children start to talk
  50. and then there were 2
  51. A poll for all moms outta curiosity
  52. Large families?
  53. Attachment Parenting International (API)
  54. GBD'd to adulthood: proof in the pudding???
  55. Spinoff on Smoking okay while pregnant?
  56. getting younger sister to do "everything"
  57. Demanding an Apology?
  58. my small victory!
  59. Reconnecting with Daddy
  60. Adoptive AP???
  61. Older Adoptive Child and RAD
  62. how do you have a big family??
  63. Not sure where to share this.
  64. Double Strollers
  65. sibling dynamic
  66. How big were your subsequent children?
  67. Involving daddy
  68. More on double strollers...
  69. The importance of relatives???
  70. daily schedules? move if needed, mods!
  71. Sidecar sleepers-need quick info
  72. <Gush> I love Dr. Sears!
  73. does ap create separation anxiety or jealousy?
  74. Need some encouragement to AP-very rantish
  75. What is multiage parenting?
  76. Bed Time routiens
  77. would you leave your child to go on the Amazing Race; how old would he have tobe
  78. leaving chilren in the church nursery/ Sunday School
  79. Nap time?
  80. Birthday party "etiquette"?
  81. Toys
  82. would you hit in front of your children?
  83. During any of your pregnancies....
  84. lightweight strollers
  85. It's started already :(
  86. Fascinating Support to AP
  87. Treats & Sweets
  88. Parental Nudity
  89. Investing in your children or spoiling them?
  90. Sleep woes
  91. entering children's rooms
  92. one on one time with each child?
  93. Serious regrets lately............(just a whine)
  94. He's a Grump... I don't know how to help him.
  95. poor dd struggling with toilet learning--update at end
  96. Barbershop 101 -- I'm failing this class!!
  97. I'm a good boy - how do I respond?
  98. Age range on toys? Do you believe it?
  99. Your sonogram and birth videos.....
  100. Crib users
  101. Baby shampoo question
  102. How many ppaf's did you have before next pregnancy?
  103. Did you ever have implantation bleeding?
  104. infant massage
  105. A sweet AP moment from my older son...he's going to be a great dad!
  106. least toxic wipes
  107. Taking a 2yo to Disneyland. What should I do...carry, wear, stroller? Help!
  108. Silly question about pajamas for kids :)
  109. "He was born to be five." What's your child's ideal age?
  110. traveling with new AP style
  111. poop on the potty! and everything else . . .
  112. Rescue Heroes?
  113. "weaning" from constant holding?
  114. Interupting Mom and Dad
  115. POLL: Would you/do you paint your dd's toenails?
  116. Did you get dd ears pierced and how old?
  117. Awesome product for those of us with small dc who live in the heat!
  118. baby cage compromise
  119. Why do all my AP friends have to live so far away?!
  120. Attachment Research?
  121. "Overparenting"
  122. Book with I love you rituals?
  123. Good dr!
  124. Mothers of sons.....
  125. grey stripes on teeth
  126. Need some good songs!
  127. Okay - somebody tell me this will get better...
  128. The definition of CIO--What is Cry It Out?
  129. Does the craving ever really leave?? *worried look*
  130. How to remove sugar from a child's diet?
  131. Playhouse?
  132. upset by other children's behavior
  133. Sidecarring a Crib
  134. Moments in Playgroup.
  135. NO!
  136. How should we handle this????
  137. can't wait to leave this "practice" *vent*
  138. breastmilk for diaper rash?
  139. first meeting with other moms from online group
  140. Leaving my kid with someone else...*sob*
  141. *UGH* Friend said I hold my kids too much
  142. Our Cycles/Our Daughters
  143. tickling
  144. DH is is where he is today because he was spanked
  145. bathtime books
  146. Jeep Cherokee Double stroller????
  147. Help me think of ideas...
  148. What name do you use for your dd's private parts?
  149. I officially have a cheerleader!
  150. 4 under 4 (not all mine!)... need ideas for "new" entertainment
  151. i thoguht every kid liked ice cream!
  152. children sharing rooms with a baby
  153. ? about attached teens
  154. Double strollers--Inglesina Swift Double or Chicco Citta Twin?
  155. Angelcovers
  156. What did your parents do that made you feel great?
  157. The Birds and the Bees
  158. Just wanted to join in!
  159. Concern about up coming outing.....
  160. Lying to children...
  161. What's the problem with Sesame Street?
  162. Am I the only one with kids like this?????
  163. Hidden Messages Book
  164. Curious about spacing for 3 kids, and crying
  165. when to let girls do "grown up" things
  166. For parents with 3 or more children, what was the hardest transition for you?
  167. traveling alone with two wee ones--best way to "transport" kids
  168. Do your kids have an attachment to an object?
  169. Parenting partners (or do you see you and DH as equal partners in parenting?)
  170. Do you or your dc have a Dec. b'day?
  171. poop in the potty, poop goes in the potty
  172. FINALLY!!! He pooped on the potty!! (long)
  173. they won't believe me!
  174. what do you love about your kids together?
  175. what about gender roles?
  176. specific suggestions for raising girls?
  177. Sitting at home instead of going to church today...
  178. helping dd with not seeing daddy as much
  179. Turning off the TV
  180. Are some kids just not very cuddly?
  181. Lightbulb Moments For Parents
  182. Interviewing doctors
  183. Please help me, ladies!
  184. DD turning 5--now what?
  185. Letting baby cry while dealing with other dc?!
  186. had a chance to plug AP and blew it....
  187. Boys!
  188. BabyCenter Poll on CIO
  189. They said it would happen, but sometimes I didn't believe it
  190. Any one else lurk in the large family forum?
  191. just rambling...our 3 month old seems older than our 15 month old
  192. How old to answer the phone?
  193. strep throat...how contagious is it??
  194. Teaching children to be more self-sufficient? Need suggestions
  195. the transition from 1 child to 2--question
  196. Do you think AP is the harder way?
  197. well mom, just pay attention!!!
  198. I met an Ap mommy!
  199. Am I being June Cleaver?
  200. explaining spanking to your non-spanked kids--update: had the talk
  201. Serious question about CIO
  202. What do you love about your dc?
  203. What would you do?
  204. ratty tangles in hair?
  205. how many toys??
  206. overnights?
  207. Clingy older children
  208. I'm bringing 'em out of the AP closet!!!!
  209. does she need to get used to aggressive play?
  210. do your kids get an individual time?
  211. explain disequalibrium please?
  212. "More kisses"
  213. Do you speak up about your AP beliefs?
  214. Changing Diaper in the nursery...
  215. Question about having more kids.....
  216. Anyone have more than 3 dc & NO minivan?
  217. Favorite verses to remind me of how God loves my children
  218. Poll on Weaning
  219. Another intresting testament for AP
  220. need to vent, what is with these mothers?
  221. Opinion needed. Should kids with colds go to church?
  222. Disturbing book- Llama Llama Red Pajama
  223. low, low standard for nursery workers
  224. Chores and Kids--thinking about long-term reactions
  225. How do you teach self-control?
  226. Why are so many AP mom's non-christian?
  227. Talk to me about Attachment Parenting beyond the first year...
  228. okay if I post my babies' pics here???
  229. Is Dr. Sears' Becoming a Father a good book?
  230. need gift ideas for a blind child
  231. Are You A Product of Attachment Parenting?
  232. is ds1 too young...
  233. some f's for my sanity and survival as a mommy
  234. Potty Training Issues w/ my 3 yo
  235. Thanksgiving plans
  236. What book has moved your husband? **added more background info**
  237. AP'ing and hospital procedures...
  238. Leaving the kids with IL's or your parents?
  239. kids and tv
  240. Reassurance needed re: being harsh
  241. the tvs are put away!!
  242. We're doing a neighborhood "snowball fight."
  243. another thread got me thinking, starting AP late
  244. How do you explain divorce to your children?
  245. do you think this is ok? am I over reacting?
  246. The Girlfriend's Guides
  247. boys playing w/ dolls
  248. AP baby/children's books?
  249. thanks for the reading list!
  250. I've come a long way, baby